ST -ICT professional Server solution can full-fill your server requirement with the latest world technology in a very short and cost effective way. We offer solutions in all aspects of your server requirements from planning, designing, Implementation, Configuration & Support via our professional server solution team.

ST -ICT Professional Services team will assist with all aspects of your server structure, from planning, designing, implementation, configuration and support. We ensure a centralized secure and reliable connectivity.

Microsoft Server Solutions

We provide your entire Microsoft servers requirement by our professional server solution team, which have long term experience on providing Microsoft servers need of customers, which most common servers are mentioned as below.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014
  • Microsoft Share point Server
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server

We will provide you with the full each and every configuration with requested services support.

MikroTik Server Solutions

Mikrotik server will full-fill all your needs as an ISP & ICT company, small, medium and large size organizations. Our professional server solution team will assist you on Planning, Designing, Configuration, Implementation of any Mikrotik server version as per your core network requirements; we are the authorized Mikrotik Master distributor in Afghanistan and have professional team & trainers in the related field.

Servers Hardware Solution

We can provide you with any server hardware requirement of your company from the world best certified brands at low cost and quick delivery. With our hardware solution you get the full package for your core network requirement, you will get complete setup at once all together.

Key benefits of Servers

  • Server Manager, Create, Manage Server Groups
  • Shared nothing live Migration
  • A Command-Line First, GUI-Second Mentality
  • Dynamic Access Control: New Way of Thinking
  • Easy and effective way to collect and Organize information
  • Enhanced Auditing feature
  • Sequence Objects
  • Big Data Support
  • Storage Spaces: Flipping Complexity on Its Head
  • VPN Without the Pain of a VPN